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Bats are critical to our ecology. There are so many ways to help bats and contribute to the health of our local environment. WNS has caused the loss of billions of bats, and therefore, our ecosystem. Bats are the cornerstone of our ecosystem. Learn to appreciate these incredible animals and how you can help.

Bats save money on our food! Bats are the #1 insectivore in the US, feeding on bugs to reduce damage caused by pests. The estimated annual financial savings for agricultural crops in the US associated with insect control provided by bats is $1.7 billion.

Bats are highly social animals that communicate, travel, forage, and nurse in groups. Not only can they have dramatic impacts on fruit and nectar crops, bats can reduce pesticide use and boost biodiversity.

The most reliable way to reduce human disturbance of hibernating bats is to prevent bats from entering a building in the first place. Conduct routine bat checks. If bats are found, remove them as soon as possible, and put them in a protective environment with sufficient resources (warmth, food, etc.). A bat house is a good place to protect them. During the colder months, a bat house may be plugged with bat guano. Dispose of the guano, using an industrial-grade fertilizer in a landfill. Don’t apply fertilizer near a house or school. Let the guano weather out of a 30-day-old pile of manure for up to 12 weeks before applying it.

Some caves are now closed to the public because of WNS. But all caves have been closed off to bats in some way because of a lack of knowledge. When WNS is first noticed, there is an urgent need to preserve the environment so that the bat population can be successfully restored. People can help by learning more about cave animals, including bats.

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Bats are important pollinators of many flowers, including milkweed, alders, and maple trees. They also provide a habitat for millions of biting insects, which are a critical food source for salamanders, fish, and other aquatic organisms. Bats also play an important role in regulating populations of other insects such as ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. The abundance of a certain type of bat may help predict the abundance of a certain species of night flying insect. Bats also tend to pollinate many night-flowering plants, including evening primroses, some orchids, and some irises.

There are two classic hibernation sites in Maine, in the mountains of southern Maine. Little brown bats hibernate in hollow trees in the Kennebec region, and downy wood bats in the mountains around Moosehead Lake. A fourth hibernation site, named Black Creek Cave, is in the southern part of the state near North Carolina.

Bats usually have a roost outside of their hibernaculum, usually either a rock or tree branch or a building’s crawl space. Bats usually leave the roost only to hunt for food. They spend most of the rest of their time sleeping, eating, and grooming. When a bat feels threatened, it will defend its roost by feigning death.

Bat workers may do good or evil, depending on how they treat these fuzzy creatures. Friends of bats have long protected hibernating bat colonies from “spring cleaning” by removing bats from buildings. However, there are some good reasons for cutting down bat roosts. Bats may have been adversely affected by human treatment, and by the introduction of white nose syndrome. We can prevent these problems by letting bats alone in summer.

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

Zoonotic viruses, such as Ebola virus or influenza A virus, that pose a risk for future pandemics are often able to adapt to other host species in order to expand their geographical distribution and infect humans. By contrast, non-zoonotic IAVs, such as those that have circulated for many years in humans, usually display limited host range and maintain the same genomic sequence. In fact, for the majority of zoonotic viruses that have infected humans in the last century, such as the 1918 H1N1 pandemic virus, the mutation rate is two orders of magnitude higher compared to non-zoonotic IAVs, suggesting that zoonotic viruses may have suffered host-driven evolution under the selective pressure exerted by human hosts [ 5 ]. Additionally, in theory, zoonotic viruses should have adapted to other hosts more readily than non-zoonotic IAVs, because both non-zoonotic and zoonotic IAVs have their origins in wild waterfowl and represent a single lineage for many years in between outbreaks in humans. This implies that mutations in IAV genetic sequences that evolve under the selective pressure from human hosts should be more easily identified in the evolutionary history of zoonotic viruses. Indeed, in our study, we identified mutations in the M gene of The Bat Lifetime Version influenza A-like viruses, which have resulted in the replacement of the majority of the amino acids in M1 and M2 ( Fig 1, highlighted in red) and could facilitate viral replication in human cells. Whether these mutations are responsible for the altered replication kinetics of these viruses in human respiratory cells and their pathogenic potential remain to be determined.

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What’s new in The Bat

What's new in The Bat

  • To evaluate the diagnostic value of commercially available antibodies, a monoclonal antibody (IgG2a, clone I-G3-2) specific to SARS-CoV S protein was generated in-house.
  • A simple and straightforward protocol is presented for the isolation of live SARS-CoV from two clinical samples (BALF and oropharyngeal swab).
  • The newly developed qRTPCR is more sensitive than qRT-PCR assay that amplifies a different conserved sequence of SARS-CoV genome.

The Bat Features

The Bat Features

  • One-item Reference Series: We used a 1-item reference and an 8-item reference, in a session that included 40 1-item and 40 8-item calls in the reference series (Fig. 6).
  • Bat Calls:
  • If a 1-item call was significantly less informative than a 8-item call, then we called the 1-item call an “informative” variant. If the 8-item call was significantly less informative than the 1-item one, then we called the 1-item call an “uninformative” variant.
  • Noisy calls and transient calls: We included all 1-item calls and 8-item calls detected within a session’s audio and visual tracks (roughly at a rate of 5 calls/s), after excluding episodes with over-sampled 1-item calls (detectable due to the high-sensitivity detection algorithm) and/or of calls that lasted too little or too long, or of doublets.

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