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In my opinion, it’s an absolute no-brainer that the best value in the Retouch4me plug-in toolset comes from Skin Tone. The Skin Tone is by far the best skin retouching tool on the market, offering a range of targeted and precise options for nearly any skin retouching issue you might have. Additionally, when pairing it with the Face Lifter, you can perform a range of targeted face lift options that will drastically improve the appearance of most face with the most minimal loss in quality.

Lastly we have our Retouch4me Master. This is the best thing about Retouch4me. I have the other plugins listed above, but none of them compare to the Master. Right out of the box, the Master can correct the skin tone for every image in a single shot. You can add different types of makeup, perform a skin flush, and even get rid of blemishes all in one shot. I rarely use the “Apply Images” feature as I find it gives me a bit of a headache, but the Master is just so easy to use that I find myself turning to it for nearly every shot.

Now, let’s take a look at the larger picture. The Download Retouch4me Heal For Free packages could save you so much time in post-production. Depending on how many images you shoot each day, if you are capturing 4 images per day and only have the time to edit one or two of them, you could save up to 30 minutes per image compared to doing it manually. If you are taking hundreds of images a day, consider paying several hundred dollars for one Retouch4me product rather than buy the whole Retouch4Me package and pay over $10,000 for each plugin. I know that costs a bit more money upfront, but it will be well worth the savings in post-production. If you are already using professional retouching software, you might see some of the tools mentioned above as a plug-in for your existing program rather than creating a brand-new suite. Since each of these tools can be purchased separately, there is no reason why one would need to buy one of the more expensive products.

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Not long ago, a good friend of mine showed me a very cool looking plugin I had never seen before. It looked great, and as soon as I looked on Amazon I saw it for 99€. I immediately bought it, but when I downloaded it to compare the plugins functionality with Retouch4me Heal I was shocked.

Although Retouch4me had some issues in certain areas, one of the most impressive things about this tool is the potential youll find yourself browsing. When looking for apps, Im not usually a fan of web-based tools, but Retouch4me wasnt your average app. In fact, it was the perfect example of a website app. I could pull up Retouch4me from anywhere in my browser without a problem. And from any browser on any device.

At the time of this review, Retouch4me has 64 plugins, but there are more coming down the pipeline. Even as Retouch4me expands and its functionality improves, I found the amount of options, settings, and interactions to be well-organized, easy to understand and adjust.

Retouch4me currently has many of the popular tools youd expect to find in a top-notch portrait retouching tool, such as Skin Retouch, Monochrome and Background Remover, but there are also some unique elements such as the ability to reshape the face, extract color from a face, and smooth out creases and imperfections.

The AI-based approach worked extremely well, and as a result, the Retouch4me tools performed consistently even with complex images. If youre interested in improving the portrait images of your subjects, I definitely recommend Retouch4me.

The four plugins I tested with Retouch4me, BlemishEliminator, BlemishRemover, BlemishRemover II, appear to be the most stable and most frequently updated of the four. However, if you dont believe in paying for the pro plugins that might become obsolete in the future, you can simply purchase and download all four plugins individually and start on the path to higher quality portraits.

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Retouch4me Heal Description

For the most part, all the features you will find on most other products are found on Retouch4Me One for All. There is a retouching brush, which is the main tool. Depending on how you set the brush, it will work like the Spot Healing Brush or the Patch Healing Brush. There is an eraser tool that works similar to the Spot Healing Brush. The Spot Healing Brush is the default tool. Just like other products, it works in the selection window. You can navigate using the mouse. The tool also works in the canvas. There is a small box around the selection.

Retouch4me is best utilized in Photoshop either as a separate layer or recording an action for a set of images. Each plugin is easily accessed at the bottom of the Filter menu. You will want to make all edits on a color image. It doesnt recognize the same correction in a monochrome image as there is less information. The instant results are on par with a lot of YouTubers and influencers seen on Instagram. However, they require a much more light-handed approach to be on par with fashion industry standards.

Retouch4me is a new AI-driven option that aims to reduce editing time while leaving skin texture intact significantly. I was curious to see how the program performed with portraits, fashion, and beauty images. Furthermore, I was interested to see how it stacked up with the demands of fashion photography. Fashion photography largely influences portraiture and associated editing practices. As such, its often viewed as an industry standard. Thankfully, fashion has come full circle and is showcasing reality, imperfections, and all.

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Retouch4me Heal Features

Retouch4me Heal Features

  • Pack of the most used major tools (32 – 40 of them)
  • Extensive collection of expert actions – up to 8000
  • Multiple treatments you can apply for one picture
  • Professional brushes for global retouching
  • Natural skin color shifts
  • 6 powerful clases of spots: Blemishes (pop, lines, brown), Pigments (violet, bluish), Dermoscopy (Rosacea), Yellowish spots (aka Age spots), Scars (frenzy, hyperpigmentations), Pore
  • Retouch4Me contains all retouching tools that will be useful in almost any case. It includes not only a lot of retouching tools, but also provides features like – on-the-fly retouching, blurring, sharpening, smoothing, iPhoto & Photoshop Action.

What’s new in Retouch4me Heal

  • Fix the scratches and normalize the contrast, a process that does not usually affect undamaged photos. As a result, photos which were difficult to repair, such as those with a pattern, become much more easy to correct.
  • The Red Eyes effect, which is similar to the one that is now in Photoshop, but this one is more convinent and easy to use.
  • In addition, the in-built HDR tool that we saw in Photoshop is no longer available in this version of the tool. While this might make some people sad, I personally find the HDR tool, although simplistic, to be one of the highlights of the PS filters. However, if you want to use an HDR tool, I recommend that you use the free HDR-plugin-for-GIMP and Adobe’s trial.

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