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PhotoGlory is a unique photo retouching application, which can easily remove the impact of a time as well as the damaged lens effect from your image. You can restore your image faded by the time as well as the damaged lens effect. Once done, if you wish to apply some effects or change photo settings, the software gives you many options to choose from. You can add vintage or photo filters to transform your shot to look like a movie still, add text or captions, clear out noise from your damaged photos, straighten tilted pictures, and much more.

This is a tool where you can loosen up the settings, eliminate noise, add grain, sharpen, and other aesthetic touches, and then save it as a new image. It worked very well on this photo of Jim Morrison, taking only two minutes to complete. Unfortunately, like most of the other tools in PhotoGlory, it seemed to reduce the image quality, and perhaps the results would have been better had I used the better quality settings. The process was fast, though.

PhotoGlorys automated scrapbooking function is not meant to replace scanning. You need to scan individual pages and combine them into a single book, and you can do this easily with PhotoScrapbook (see link below). What PhotoGlory is, however, is a very decent alternative to what you would otherwise have to spend at least a few hours using Photoshop to achieve the same effect. The scrapbooking feature is really easy to use, and it lets you save the results on the hard drive, with the option to print individual images on their own or batch produce a print-ready PDF. This is great for when you need to create a small number of booklets, but the levels of customization are not as high as they are in PhotoShop. A tip: the side-by-side view is particularly helpful for visualizing the final print layout.

PhotoGlory Latest Release Cracked Patch

PhotoGlory Latest Release Cracked Patch

I ran PhotoGlory on a batch of photos and was pleased with the results but we are still testing a version with all of the manual steps in place. This is for the advanced user that would prefer to maximize the amount of control over the process rather than dealing with automated image processing algorithms. We can suggest both forms of PhotoGlory Cracked depending on the user and desired results. Whether you need lots of color in your black and white photos or just a few adjustments to colorize them, PhotoGlory can do it all. It does best with clear, outdoor photos and does not work well on indoor shots with light bleeding into the darker areas.

Here is what PhotoGlory did for our test photo. Below is the before image. You can see the various colored highlights in the blue and yellow. Below is the result after processing in PhotoGlory. It is best to see the differences in color yourself. They are fairly subtle. It is also important to know that you will see similar color when you open your new files in PhotoGlory. We suggest using smaller files, such as 300KB, to make sure that you don’t run into performance problems.

After we edited our test photo, the output was sent to an online free cloud service to be printed. PhotoGlory has a selection of printing options. Some of these options are color, B&W, sepia, grayscale, and even marker. You can control the printing settings, such as whether or not to print labels, title, subject, and a number of other options. Our evaluation print had a very low resolution of 110ppi which is great for inkjet printers. It also took 3.2 seconds to print. The photo is printed on thick card stock and comes with an envelope. This is a nice touch which makes it feel like a professional print.

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PhotoGlory Features

PhotoGlory also provides a far more simple and elegant way to correct flaws and minor artifacts in your old photos. Instead of spending countless hours and dollars getting your old photos professionally restored, with PhotoGlory you can correct such flaws as stains, shadows, dust and dust particles with just a single click. Make the most of the undo and restore tools, the retouching options and the selection tool to get back to those nostalgic moments you can’t get back.

PhotoGlory lets you quickly fix colour-cast issues, add a vignette or add captions to your image. A simple one-click correction will make your pictures look professional and work great in social media.

Well, those are just some of the photo restoration features PhotoGlory is known for! Lets now look at what else PhotoGlory can do for you. With PhotoGlory’s built-in corrections, colour-cast and vignette settings, all you need to do is click on the apply button and enjoy the magic. PhotoGlory’s features also include 3 different modes, so lets look at each one in more detail.

Pencil Mode. Lets say you want to restore some wrinkles in your photos. PhotoGlory lets you do that with a click of a button. It even provides you with excellent photo-editing tutorials to help you if you are lost.

Vignette Mode. PhotoGlory also lets you add a vignette to your pictures with a click of a button. Try to wear sunglasses in old photos or you might as well be wearing a poster instead. With PhotoGlory’s vignette tool, there is no need to spend hours in photoshop. If you want to add an ideal vignette effect to your pictures, you can choose from almost unlimited vignette settings, adjust the contrast and colour temperature of the vignette, and click the apply button to save your work.

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PhotoGlory Features

PhotoGlory Features

  • Archive Images
  • Touch-up Photos
  • Color
  • Toning
  • Improving Color
  • Fixing color
  • Software

PhotoGlory System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Memory: 1 Gb (2 Gb Recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 20 Mb
  • Keywords: 70

PhotoGlory Serial Number

  • BVM97-MOQQ2-DY0DU-4ICWO-FW2K8-735X0

PhotoGlory Full Version Serial Code


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