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The SoftMaker app gets to the main task: editing documents. For opening, saving, and saving to formats other than PDF, it uses the OpenOffice and LibreOffice 3.2 apps, both of which are entirely compatible with Office. You can even open MS Office files. The app opens reasonably fast, and we got around 2fps in our tests. Theres a welcome option to view the softMaker Document Description display directly below the file contents. Unfortunately, though, there is no function to insert a comment directly from the view, and I did notice that a few software updates were required before all of my PDF exports rendered properly.

SoftMaker Impress is an Excel clone that offers support for Excel-style tables and formulas, and it has a couple of other handy features that arent possible in Microsofts Office. You can save tables to Excel files directly; create charts with mouse clicks; and view a slide with the Live Preview option. Impress has only one problem: Its inconvenient interface. There are no powerful customizations to Impress, and its table view is super-simple to use. The full screen mode is boring because it doesnt show many of the table functions on the table itself, and the Formulas mode is barely better because the view remains small and unexciting. If youve used Microsofts Powerpoint, youll be confused by the Impress interface. Youll find the features Impress has most useful, but theyd only be a pleasant speed bump if the app offered a more friendly experience. SoftMaker bills Impress as a word processor, but it has only limited support for multi-page texts and it has been available on Android for a very long time. If you arent already familiar with these features, you might consider looking for a more familiar interface.

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They may be cheaper than the competitors, but SoftMakers basic pricing is awfully high compared to Microsofts Office 365 solution. You can pay $19.95 for a mobile version. Corel Thema Office 365 plans are $34.95 for a desktop version, and Microsoft 365 Personal is a one-time payment of $99.00 for a perpetual license of Office 365 Home (Pro and Student are also available).

The Office of the Future suite does come with one unique feature that other suites lack: a cloud-based VMWare application. In other words, you dont need to worry about installing the app because theres no install process. Just run the app and start using it. You can save the app in your favorites list so that it will run automatically every time you start SoftMaker Office 2021. Its not quite as convenient as letting the software perform its own setup without you having to mess with adding shortcuts to the Start Menu or something, but its a nice feature.

Theres no trial period for the Office of the Future suite. SoftMaker has not elaborated on this. On the bright side, a personal license is limited to three users, while a corporate license is unlimited. (Corel Lets You Test Your SoftMaker Office Licenses for Free, but its Unofficial ).

SoftMaker Office Standard is aimed at the average workstation. It includes TextMaker 2021, PlanMaker 2021, and Presentations 2021, plus BasicMaker 2021 for scripting. The suite costs $29.90 per year for five computers or $59.90 for one year. Its a decent package, but if youre not lucky enough to have unlimited users, you may want to consider the Professional version for office and a mobile version for scribing.

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What is SoftMaker Office Professional?

SoftMaker PlanMaker 2021is the best spreadsheet that anyone can use. It will enable you to create and analyze various financial statements as you need. Its easy to use, and easy to understand. The program really allows users to take charge of their finances and understand exactly how much money theyre spending, the return on investment, and how much income they are generating. It can be used for both businesses and individuals.

SoftMaker PlanMaker 2021is a good program for all levels. Once you have the program, it will help you put your finances in order, as you can easily track your income and expenses, and then generate reports. It also has a user interface that is simple and easy to use.

In Microsoft Word, theres a character limitation that turns off the Full Screen view. Soft Maker Office removes this limit. Many other advanced features are included in SoftMaker Office that users of Microsoft Word need.

However, there is no full-text searching, which makes it harder to find something.And this isnt an advanced feature, really. Rather, it may just be a limitation of SoftMaker Office. Fortunately, you can click on special icons, such as the magnifying glass icon on the page, to get a look-up function, which could be useful if you want to change or edit complex formatting.

SoftMaker Office also has a useful features that lets you create recurring or batch-produced formulas. That allows you to either automate routine tasks. This is like a macro, but I wonder why a user of an Office system can only record such actions using the Ribbon.

For example, instead of having to select a table or chart that you want to fill with the values in Column A from another table or chart, you can do it once and re-use the value. SoftMaker Office makes it easy, too. You can then simply choose the value and press the Go button to use it.

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What’s new in SoftMaker Office Professional

What's new in SoftMaker Office Professional

  • Faster startup. This one was a little awkward for me, because Windows tends to disable files when programs tend to use them, and then go back to allowing them after a reboot. So I accidently had a number of files locked. I rebooted as soon as I discovered this, and the reinstallation finished, and now the fastest startup Ive seen for such a large program. Once the files are open, it runs quickly.
  • Bug fix. This is a big one. When you right-click on cells in a worksheet, a tiny box is shown at the end of that cells row (or column, if in a table), in an attempt to highlight a cell you’ve selected. This is a very small box at the end of a row or column, but all my columns were at least 70 points high on my screen, and when my screen is widescreen, there were TWO of those boxes! Its almost impossible to select a particular cell unless you know which one you want. It was driving me crazy.

SoftMaker Office Professional System Requirements

SoftMaker Office Professional System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later (without Tablet Mode)
  • 1.5 GB or more free disk space
  • 4 GB RAM

SoftMaker Office Professional Pro Version Number

  • 9YA1M-Y6RKB-YM9D7-G65OC-NBWJ5-952F0

SoftMaker Office Professional Pro Version Registration Key

  • GLBWN-K7W24-50I4H-3CIFG-L8BB5-U97MT
  • H75YX-E890D-MZT67-FWUPC-ITUQF-399E9

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