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CyberLink PowerDVD  Full Cracked For Free + Activation Code

Purchased a new phone recently? Most of us have little reason to connect it to our PC. With CyberLink you do. Like its predecessor, CyberLink PowerDVD Lifetime Version is able to recognize new devices automatically, and can stream media from a smartphone or tablet. CyberLink PowerDVD will present iOS and Android notifications and can even automatically download photos and videos.

The Ultra version includes Remote Play, which lets you stream any PC-compatible content to your home theater from any other media player running PowerDVD on any device. This includes PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray player, and your Android or iOS smartphone.

The Ultra version, with all of its bells and whistles, is going to be priced at $99.99. PowerDVD 14 is free and includes the basic features of the Ultra variant. There is also a lower-end PowerDVD 15 version that includes some of the essential features.

This is the best version of PowerDVD out there. CyberLink PowerDVD 20 was developed by the company’s Advanced Research Group, which also handles the software’s vision, cloud and device integration capabilities, and then it’s distributed to the public.

Most impressively, however, it can play back VR content. And the main application is a DVD player. Unlike Windows Media Player, VLC or many other media players, PowerDVD works with webcams and can play 4K Blu-ray discs. It also offers a range of presets, audio and video effects, plus a built-in CyberLink Media Server for offline content.

Instead of having to do this manually through the program, you can use CyberLink’s multi-tasking system. Press F10 to instantly start playing, pause or stop, and you’ll find yourself in a windowless theme appropriate to the scene that’s being viewed. Even then, you can customise the layout as you wish.

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Every time I got their up-to-date version of the software, it was a crappy one. Does anyone know where I can get the regular PowerDVD pro version without the subscription? The subscription makes the program so expensive. Download the trial version first to see if it works for you.

Cyberlink PowerDVD for iOS 7 has a very simple set up and interface. It requires the user to enter a username and password, and that is it. All settings and options are in the app itself; there is no iTunes required. It plays back DVDs, as well as viewing media stored in the mobile device. If youre looking for a video player for your iPhone, this is the one to go with. But it only plays back DVDs, and not CDs or DVDs with audio (which are automatically played back).

Power2Go 8 is a portable hard drive that holds up to 3TB of storage, allowing you to back up your files and watch them on any device. With BDXL and M-DISC support, you can now burn your valuable files to Blu-ray (including triple and quad layer BDXL discs), DVD or CD media. You can also access your files and watch your movies from your Kindle Fire. CyberLink Power2Go 8 lets you organize and play your content on all your devices.

Use CyberLink Media Suite to discover, organize, and watch digital content in any format, including videos, music, games, and more. CyberLinks Media Suite features a comprehensive video library with over one million titles, the ability to download and watch any file format from the web, a media server for easy uploading to a home network, and more.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Review

CyberLink PowerDVD’s feature set is a little more extensive than that of Roxio or MediaMonkey, but features are stacked rather than linked. PowerDVD offers an easy way to organize both videos and audio, and even if you don’t use them right away, you can put the discs into your collection and use them later.

Setting up CyberLink PowerDVD is easy enough that it’s nearly as easy as doing it manually. Luckily, the software’s Help feature is available directly through the interface. I got more information on the new ‘Smart TV’ feature by pressing the TV button in the Remote app.

Note that while CyberLink says that there’s no Linux version of PowerDVD, a version for Ubuntu is available for download at CyberLink’s website (Opens in a new window). If you’re not a fan of the company’s interface, you can use UBMC or XBMC, as the PowerDVD interface has also been replaced with an interface based on XBMC(Opens in a new window).

CyberLink PowerDVD comes with a Remote app for Xbox 360 that lets you access all of the functions and settings. The Xbox button is there just in case you want to access OneDrive and other Xbox features(Opens in a new window), but unfortunately, you can’t use the controller to browse and select content. If you want that functionality, however, WinAmp offers it.

As I mentioned earlier, CyberLink didn’t seem to mind if I used my Sony PS3(Opens in a new window)’s controller to navigate PowerDVD. I simply had to set up the remote with the specific controller.

My Surface went with the regular installation of Windows 8.1 Pro, though you can also install PowerDVD 17 Ultra on a Mac using the open-source Silverlight player for OS X. The installation, once in place, was pretty standard, including the usual 4GB cut for background processes, though I was occasionally greeted with “programs are limiting background processing” warning messages on my test system. Cyberlink has some little known tips to avoid the warnings, as well as to ensure your PC has enough available hard disk space for the software. I also have to note that you can get the basic PowerDVD version for free, but you have to wait about a month for it. You can sign up for the PowerDVD subscription or contact CyberLink for an offer if you can wait and pay for the normal version of the software.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Title Analysis – A quick way to identify information on a DVD disc
  • New Echo Mic* – A new Echo Mic with 180-degree anti-interference capability to enhance sound quality in noisy environments
  • Supports Android devices (requires Android version 2.2 or later)
  • Supports iOS devices (requires iOS version 4.1 or later)
  • Offer access to more than 20 million DVDs, and thousands of cable TV shows
  • Professional Video Editor-Support for DVD projects – Cut, join, and merge video clips, convert videos for any format, trim and crop videos for any section, even rotoscope video without all the fuss
  • Edit videos with a customizable color palette of hues
  • Enhance image for any section of your DVD or video file with retouching tools
  • Animated chapters and toolbars – Automatic playback for hours of enjoyment while maintaining the shape of your DVD and movie information

What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • Streaming to Smart TV (available in 43 languages)!
  • Streaming to mobile devices (iOS, Android, RIM and WebOS), including mobile gaming
  • Edit professionaly transcoding to H.264/AVC, VP8, Flash and more using Deintify
  • Stream to DLNA-ready devices (including Sony, Panasonic and Samsung TVs and several portable devices, both Smart and non-Smart)
  • Select multiple files of multiple formats simultaneously
  • Synchronized playback between two devices, one connected to the home network
  • Uses a small 7MB of RAM for one (very fast) active playback
  • Seamless hardware accelerated H.264 decoding
  • Jitter-free stream with low bitrate buffering for mobile devices
  • An intuitive interface
  • Support for BDAV, M3U, M3U8, SMB, ZAOP, WMA


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