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Regardless of whether youve added an app to your phone, deleted it, or want to transfer an app archive from one device to another, AppTrans will work as a restore and backup program. The app is effective and it wouldnt be a tough thing to use, because it makes it simpler for users to backup and restore their data from the app center, so users can delete WhatsApp and reinstall it again without losing any data.

AppTrans lets you create a backup on your Mac and immediately extract it and put it on your Android or iOS device. AppTrans automatically connects to the devices and backs up the apps data on each of your Android phones, tablets and Macs. Since all backups are saved in the cloud and it always uses the latest software, AppTrans is more complete than any other backup program. No root or jailbreak is required.

It is relatively simple to use that all you need to do is give the AppTrans Pro a tap on your data that you need to back up and transfer with your old phone and it will let you immediately. Apart from transferring various records, you can also back up the entire apps of the devices and transfer the contents together to a new phone as well. It gives the option to adjust the backup file size accordingly as well.

There is no need to worry about your device data, since AppTrans Pro comes with all the necessary and useful features and ensures data transfer and transfer of records to the target device. The speed of data transfer is a bit slower than apps like WhatsApp Backup Plus, but at the same time, you get more to select from. AppTrans Pro offers things like transfer, backup, restore, export, and iCloud and Google Drive transfer options. It lets you back up the contents of WhatsApp messages and lets you automatically move the messages back to your device if you ever need to downgrade your phone or tablet.

AppTrans Pro Last Release Cracked Version For Free

AppTrans Pro Last Release Cracked Version For Free

At first, I had the assumption that it would be difficult to restore the WhatsApp backup, since it also creates a backup for WhatsApp in iCloud. Fortunately, AppTrans can actually restore WhatsApp data from Google Drive backup. This allows users to quickly get their lost data back.

AppTrans can also back up data on WhatsApp in Google Drive. It can also export WhatsApp backup from your Android device to computer. Although, AppTrans cannot change anything on the original files without removing the backup, it can be used for a new backup and export process. If you like, you can also export the backup to computer when it is saved in Google Drive.

AppTrans automatically organizes the most recently installed apps on your iOS and Android phones. You can then just select the latest backup and restore it. It only takes a few seconds to restore the backup, and the apps are automatically installed after they are restored. You can also restore the backup to your iPhone or iPad in one-click. This allows you to restore the backup for a specific app.

I have seen many lost or deleted messages on WhatsApp in iTunes backup/WhatsApp backup file. According to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, Google Drive backup cannot be used to restore these messages. I thought AppTrans would not be able to recover lost or deleted messages from WhatsApp backup in Google Drive. However, it turns out AppTrans is capable of recovering these messages from Google Drive backup. The only problem is that you might lose all the messages you have received since the last backup.

Some users may lose data (such as contacts) when they update apps on their iOS and Android phones. When the user opens the app and does not see these contacts or data before, they would think that the data is deleted. However, AppTrans can help restore the data through importing the backup files created by AppTrans. If the user wants to get the lost data back to its original states, the user can do one of the following:
1. Import the backup file from AppTrans to the app store manually, and then apply the restore function manually

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What is AppTrans Pro and what is it for

What is AppTrans Pro and what is it for

Now you can back up all of your phones apps data, 1 app at a time or automatically. AppTrans was designed by your friends who recognize the importance of having a backup tool that makes the smartphone transition as easy as possible

This will be a feature packed upgrade as it currently has over 20,000 downloads on the App Store and the Google Play store. With so many new features, AppTrans will become the most efficient backup app for your phone on both android and iOS. It does this by being able to merge multiple apps and their data to one folder in one click.

Users download AppTrans Pro that allows them to transfer WhatsApp, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes, Phone, gallery, gallery, Google+, FB, etc. Apps and Appdata, contacts, messages, media, calendar events, call logs to work on the new device. In short, migrate your iPhone or Android by editing out the desired content of WhatsApp, Google, etc., to the new device. Also, recover WhatsApp backup from the phone with the help of AppTrans Pro Keygen.

Now transferring all your data apps in one go is a cinch with AppTrans Pro. Now you can go from one device to another and even from one device to a cloud storage in one go. This can also be done if you are part of a family with multiple people. If you have a family member that wants to move from iOS to Android, or vice versa, then AppTrans Pro is a must.

There are so many features that AppTrans Pro comes with. One of the biggest features of this app is the ability to move WhatsApp chat data from iOS to Android or vice versa with the taps of a button. It also has a feature to migrate data from Google Drive backup to iPhone or iTunes backup without deleting existing data. To start with, if you are a new user, then the best way to understand is to read through the brief tutorial that comes with this app.

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AppTrans Pro Features

  • New app icon, updated language strings, fixed bugs
  • Exposure Aware Image Trimming
  • Fully 64-bit Compatible
  • Rotate Images
  • Backup Images
  • Display All Apps
  • Restore Apps
  • Delete Apps
  • Increase/Decrease Font Size
  • Change Display Settings
  • Restore Restore Database to Root
  • Send AirDrop
  • Hide/Unhide Apps

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

  • Implemented a comprehensive fix for iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c issues with regards to file transfer. This fixes an issue where if the AppTrans server is turned off or is not available, the process fails.
  • Added a function to search AppTrans for a backup.
  • Updated the software signature to reflect AppTrans

AppTrans Pro Pro Version Registration Number

  • 9ITZ71CB4Z3SY7SKHV57HYD64Q4W34

AppTrans Pro Pro Version Lifetime Number


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