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AppTrans Pro Cracked Version

AppTrans Pro  Cracked Version

High-Resolution Screen Optimization:
One of the greatest advantages in AppTrans Pro is the ability to optimize the screen of your device. It helps to make AppTrans Pro automatically run smoothly and becomes more efficient. Besides, it also helps users manage and transfer apps and app data smoothly.

Import WhatsApp Chat from One Google Drive to Another:
iMobie APP Trans is the only AppTrans that can import WhatsApp chat logs from one Google Drive to another. AppTrans can merge chat records directly, no matter users have different Google accounts. Users can easily import WhatsApp chat logs or export WhatsApp chat logs directly. And it can help users to restore WhatsApp chat logs or export WhatsApp chat logs to other devices easily.

These are the great features that AppTrans Pro have, which you need to know before you install it on your smartphones. You might be wondering how to install AppTrans on your iPhone. In this guide, we will demonstrate a step-by-step installation for AppTrans Pro .

Want to switch back to use WhatsApp on iPhone for using it again or use on a new Android phone. How to migrate WhatsApp account from Android to iPhone is a time-consuming job. Want to merge a WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Google Drive or iTunes AppTrans. Do not worry! No need to uninstall WhatsApp.

AppTrans Pro Key is a very useful software. In a world of competition, data transfer has become an important means of building a relationship.

Want to make a backup of some data, but at the same time not the whole system? AppTrans Pro can do this for you. After all, what is AppTrans Pro AppTrans Pro is a free transfer software for iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc.

If you have backed up WhatsApp messages and data to Google Drive or other backup systems before, can you now easily restore the data back to your new smartphone.

AppTrans Pro can save you a lot of time and trouble, and has a lot of features you can take advantage of.

If you have AppTrans Pro tool (free from download page ) with you, download and transfer WhatsApp to iPhone.

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AppTrans Pro For Free Crack 2022 Pro Licence Key

AppTrans Pro For Free Crack 2022 Pro Licence Key

As a world-leading software developer with 10-year experience in the mobile industry, iMobie has been dedicated to making users’ life easier since its inception. They provide various data transfer programs for consumers, including WhatsApp Transfer, WhatsApp Transfer Pro, WhatsApp Data Transfrer and WhatsApp Data Transfrer Pro. All iMobie data transfer products feature “One-Click Transfer” and “Hand Switch” features that enable you to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone, WhatsApp from iPhone to iPad, WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, etc. In addition, AppTrans is a leading free iPhone data transfer tool designed to help people move and backup iOS apps and install iOS apps. AppTrans can also directly transfer WhatsApp messages and other app data back and forth between WhatsApp for iPhone and WhatsApp for iPad, or any other Whatsapp client on iOS or Android.

Some data transfer apps are limited in their backup function. AppTrans enables you to move apps and their data from your backup copy. You can choose to restore either all the apps or just the ones that you want to restore, and you can even preview WhatsApp messages, contacts, media files, etc. on your phone. With AppTrans Pro cracked, you can move apps, contacts, notes, calendars, SMS messages, media files, WhatsApp messages, etc. from your iTunes backup, Google Drive backup or AppTrans backup without losing any WhatsApp data, and simply import to WhatsApp for iOS or WhatsApp for Android without any limits. But be aware that your data will be overwritten. You can preview WhatsApp messages and other app data like photos, contacts, notes, media files, etc. on your phone and select exactly what you need to restore. This will overwrite any other content like photos, contacts, SMS messages, notes, etc. and makes it totally safe. Your iPhone will remain intact.

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AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans Pro Review

The best thing about AppTrans Pro is that it is able to move WhatsApp chats and archived conversations from Android to iOS device. The reason why we use to say that this software is some kind of miracle is that it is able to move WhatsApp data of an Android device and put it onto an iOS device without obliterating or deleting any data, and some of the WhatsApp chats may be transferred from an old or new iPhone.

AppTrans Pro is one of the best android data remover App and software to move WhatsApp messages from one android phone to another. You can use this software to transfer WhatsApp messages from one android phone to another android phone. This software is really effective on Android to move WhatsApp messages between android mobiles.

Download AppTrans Pro 2 latest full version offline setup for Windows and Mac. This software helps you move WhatsApp messages from android to iOS. This software is developed by iMobie. This App helps you to move the WhatsApp data between android and iOS.

Make sure that the data that you are backing up or restoring is completely up-to-date, then use the AppTrans Pro to restore or backup WhatsApp contacts, chats and photos to both your iPhones and Android phones

AppTrans will be widely used in the future. Now people mostly use iOS or Android devices. What can we do in this situation? People have to learn another new operating system, another new software to download, install, backup, or restore data? I have to restructure? I will not need to change my phone every time I have to change an operating system? This way can realize all these things.

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AppTrans Pro Features

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Save, organize and search all your attachments in one place, keeping all your important information safely in one single location
  • Create your own category
  • Add multiple selected attachments to different folders in just one step
  • Save and sort selected attachments by type or size or by other options
  • Save, organize, search and delete all your personal messages including archive messages, drafts, sent, and received.
  • Full support for IMAP/SMTP/HTTP/RPC
  • Archive your online photos to get all the picture and movies in one single place.
  • Read your attachments and let you choose what to do: Edit, Delete, Save.
  • Add a pre-defined folder for your attachments.
  • Select a specific folder to save the files, or choose one for each file.
  • Move selected attachments to new folders
  • Give new labels to your attachments.

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Elegant new color transition on top of your data!
  • Improved plug-in behavior
  • More reliable conversion
  • Intelligent alias detection
  • New restore transitions
  • Fixed some bugs that could stop data backup and restore from working for some users

AppTrans Pro Ultimate Lifetime Nulled Version

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AppTrans Pro Pro Version Registration Key

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