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-The Most Secure Way to Transfer iPhone Data
AnyTrans is the most secure and reliable way to transfer files among iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computers. All your data are attached to check all your security. You no longer worry about unwanted access, viruses or data loss. Just relax and let it do the work for you.

Not only that, but AnyTrans helps you transfer files and data as easily as you can drag and drop files from local to remote. AnyTrans for iOS Download combines the speed and efficiency of direct drag and drop, with the convenience of syncing and the luxury of multi-directional file transfer.

AnyTrans creates self-contained folders at the target location that keep all your data and attributes in sync. AnyTrans for iOS Free Download shows you the real-time progress while it rsync’s multiple data transfers simultaneously, leaving no low priority data lost or delayed. It is also better than the Time Machine and Sync because it never overwrites local data.

AnyTrans for iOS connects to iCloud, iTunes, and computer while it transfers your data to any locations. AnyTrans for iOS Free Download enables you to transfer and synchronize music, contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, and even settings. Synchronization process is nothing less than magic, but AnyTrans manages it with ease.

AnyTrans for iPhone and iPad Free Download is the best data migration solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes users. iCloud backup is always an ideal choice for all those who are not familiar with iTunes, because it automatically creates a backup file that contains not only apps, songs, videos, and photos, but also essential settings (such as your ringtone and wallpaper) and even your data (like Safari bookmarks and personal data). Like a real-time backup, you can even use iCloud Backup to save recent data offline for later use.

AnyTrans iOS Free Crack Download + Ultimate Keygen

AnyTrans iOS Free Crack Download + Ultimate Keygen

Even if you copy your information from the older to the newer phone, AnyTrans can save a lot of time. At any time, consumers are able to delete the data and settings in their old telephone. Plus, deleting your old telephone will erase your information, including mail, WhatsApp messages, contacts, and everything else.

The Export function can remove the info from the consumer’s old telephone or computer and place it to the new iPhone. As an extension of iCloud, AnyTrans features support for the iCloud, iTunes, and Google services. You can also print your postcard and make you get some cash.

With AnyTrans, you can not only move apps to the new iPhone, but also copy, erase, and lock information from the old device. Therefore, iOS users need to take precaution while choosing the destination of move information so that they may not lose information permanently.

With AnyTrans, you can easily clean your device by erasing all records from the telephone. Every one of your messages, e-mails, contacts, and custom settings have been grouped as the final touches. AnyTrans supports all the popular file formats, such as PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, DOC, and JPEG.

Furthermore, this platform operates with an easy-to-use and live system to help consumers manage their data correctly. AnyTrans works together with iTunes to ensure that the data from devices and PC is all on one platform and also as efficiently as possible.

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What’s new in AnyTrans iOS

The newly introduced AnyTrans provides amazing features like managing voice recordings, videos, photos and audios. You can easily get them back to your computer with any quality. You can preview your backup files on your iPhone. It gives you the option to transfer any data from the iphone to the computer and from the computer to the iPhone. Once the data is downloaded, you can freely manage them. It allows you to browse and export the data in a variety of formats. The file sizes are small. They are very efficient and easy to use.

Now AnyTrans for iOS will be easier to transfer the files from one device to another, in addition to removing the trash. It will be easier to consolidate the data from all the devices. The backup option allows you to the opportunity to restore the data. Its a light weight application and has a user-friendly interface. So that it is easier to get in touch. It also provides a desktop synchronization option that allows you to import contacts, calendars, emails, texts, call logs, iPod touch music, etc. From this you can easily access the resources in a different way. The new version of the application can also view and delete cached files. It is available to download for free.

With a new version of AnyTrans for iOS, you can transfer files easily from one Android device to another. The pictures you take with your iPhone are also easily compatible with the Android. The process of transfer on the Android is a manual process that takes some time to complete. But with AnyTrans you can easily transfer the data without any hassles. You can also view the downloaded images and videos and delete them from the Android storage. The newly released version of AnyTrans for iOS has an inbuilt app “Rsync for Mac”.

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AnyTrans iOS System Requirements

  • Windows
  • OS XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Snow Leopard)
  • Free application programming interface (API) license
  • These files should be used as new backups of the initial backup set.
  • If the files on the first backup set fail to format or cannot be retrieved, you must manually delete the files in Txtx Backup/Backup 0 folder.

AnyTrans iOS Features

AnyTrans iOS Features

  • Make a connection between iOS device and the PC.
  • Transfer the music, documents and other media files.
  • Rename the files and subfolders.
  • Cut the unwanted files.
  • Delete the files from your iOS device.
  • Send the messages of text and multimedia.
  • Synchronize the databases.
  • Backup and restore the databases.

AnyTrans iOS Pro Version Lifetime Number

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  • TP100-8JI8E-GB5HZ-2LOGA-27K15-51M7J

AnyTrans iOS Ultimate Lifetime Licence Number

  • 3Q2DU-W83AG-505RK-3SK1Y-KEW7P-4T6IC

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